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Created on 2011-07-29 02:43:02 (#943136), last updated 2011-07-31 (324 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jun 27
A once-upon-a-time prodigy of whom various big things were expected, I now live way out in the middle of the desert. I've had lots of adventures, the best of which I can't tell anyone about, and achieved a certain degree of improved understanding, and hooked up along the way with the most brilliant and interesting person in the world. We have wonderful dogs and live in a beautiful spot. Otherwise, I've failed miserably on the "big expectations" score.

At various points along the way, I've been a screenwriter, a talent agent, and a fledgling attorney. Less glamorously, I've worked as a paralegal, landscaper, and construction worker. Along with a few other things which shall remain nameless. I used to be a fairly decent middle distance runner and chess player (though I could have been MUCH better if I'd realized the degree to which other people study the game and been willing to put forth a tenth that study), and a very good boxer. Way back in undergrad days, I wrote about 120 poems, a dozen songs, and one unpublished novel which got a lot of nice comments from agents, all of which I managed to lose during a move.

I read a lot, write for a living but not a good one and not what I want, and am not in the shape I once was. Most people would consider me both overly soft-hearted and overly hot-tempered. I'm not sure what I'm going to use this journal for.
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